Search Engine Services

Search engine marketing (SEM) can include a variety of tactics, primarily pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and local SEO. SEM can be extremely powerful; after all, you’re targeting people who are already looking for a hotel in your destination.

But it’s also the most complicated. You’re not only competing with other local hotels and multinational chains, but also the likes of and TripAdvisor. The travel aggregators’ internet dominance can make it difficult for individual hotels to succeed online, with deep pockets often guaranteeing top positions for important keywords.


JCMT can help you get outstanding results from SEO - without costing a fortune - using a strategic approach. We will:

  • Develop an SEO strategy based on the reality of your hotel strengths and weakness, combined with your brand vision.

  • Identify your perfect guests and research what they will be interested in.

  • Create a list of keywords to focus on and a strategy to dominate them.

  • Make sure your website is SEO optimised, checking every page to ensure we get approval from Google.

  • Drive potential guests through to the most appropriate page on your site.

  • Ensure brand visibility in the search results.

  • Connect search engine technology with your hotel website to provide clear ROI and Return on your investment.

  • Boost the authority and popularity of your hotel website by creating interesting and useful content.

  • Increase monthly traffic.

  • Align your social media strategy with your site optimisation to improve reach.

How do we achieve this?

Creating rich and compelling long-form content

Google prioritizes pages that have long copy on them (>1000 words) and rich content such as video and images. But it’s not just about length - it’s important to make sure this content is engaging so that people enjoy it and stay on the website, not leaving as soon as they’ve landed.

We work with a team of dedicated travel writers who have written for the travel sections of the Guardian, Daily Mail and more. They know how to write compelling content that people will search and want to engage with. We then put this content through our SEO filter, to make sure it also ticks Google’s boxes.

We also create destination content to make sure we capture people looking at the destination.

On-page optimisation

We crawl through all the websites pages and make sure they are, and stay continuously, optimised for search engines.

Strategic link-building

Work with bloggers, local and travel directories to build backlinks. The more quality websites point to the hotel’s website, the higher the ranking on Google. We will find and manage relevant bloggers and websites to work with, generating new backlinks every month.