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We are JCMT Agency  

JCMT is a new breed of digital marketing agency, shaped to satisfy the growing content needs of the hospitality and travel industry. We’re the agency of choice for smart marketers globally, who understand that their digital presence is their most effective shop window.

We sit at the intersection of strategy and creativity. From content promotion through to production, we use a powerful combination of industry-leading creative, backed by data-led insights. Our approach encompasses the entire digital user journey; first attracting visitors, then converting them into customers.

Our experience is what makes us different. Not only have we worked with the biggest names in global hospitality, we’ve also driven creative content strategies for blue-chip brands and leading fashion houses. We use this to deliver an unrivalled premium approach for hotels, bars and restaurants, resulting in reach, engagement and conversion.

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High value production without the hefty price tag

Nothing creates an emotional connection better than video; relevant and authentic content will allow customers to fully immerse themselves in your experience.

At JCMT, we understand how crucial video is in today’s digital customer journey, which is why we offer high value video production without the expensive price tag. We combine the latest technologies with creative flair, producing videos that leave viewers wanting more.

From 4K films to 10 second bite-sized clips, time-lapses to drone-captured aerial footage, we’ll make sure your audience is hooked in seconds, converted in minutes.

Find out more about our process and Yotel New York case study.



Your one-stop shop for imagery

Striking images can capture hearts and win over minds. In an increasingly social world, beautiful photography is key to building a unique brand that stands out in a crowded market.

At JCMT, we go beyond taking pictures - we create visually perfect moments. Whether it’s architecture, lifestyle, interiors or activities, we deliver spectacular images that can run across multiple digital and social channels.  



Reaching the right audiences

Your audience is spending time on social media - you need to be where they are. We’ve created social media strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands; we’ll use this to help you build a relevant and loyal community of potential customers.

We will analyse your market segment to find the right platforms for your business, and create content that adds value to your customer’s social media experience.

Creativity and authenticity underpin our content planning and creation for social channels, and strategic, targeted social advertising ensures we’re always talking to the right people.

Find out how we helped Nightjar and Oriole bars to become some of the world’s most popular bars on social media.



Driving organic traffic

Search Engine Optimisation might not sound sexy, but it’s an essential component of digital marketing. We constantly optimise your website with unique content that satisfies even the harshest of search engines.

We develop and implement paid and organic search strategies that will increase your natural ranking on Google and even send you to the top of the page. We build backlinks, business-specific keyword targeting, on-page optimisation and use PPC/paid search to create the right kind of adverts for your company. We work towards constantly shifting algorithms, ensuring that you’re never left behind.



Finding the right talent for your brand

Influencer marketing is an increasingly important part of a digital and social marketing strategy. But when hotels, bars and restaurants are inundated with partnership requests from influencers, it can be hard to know who to work with.

We know there’s no such thing as a free lunch (or room). We manage both this influx of influencers and proactive talent outreach, helping identify those who are an authentic fit for your business. We negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best possible deal - and we always ensure great results are delivered.