Influencer Marketing Services


When done effectively, influencer marketing can help you reach new audiences, increase your social media following and boost your SEO. And most of the time, influencers even don’t require a fee.

Sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Hotels are inundated by demands from so-called influencers. It can become a drain on your marketing resources to check who you should and most importantly, should not, work with. Are they delivering what they say they will? Will they produce great creative? Can they be trusted? Time is money - you don’t want to waste yours.

JCMT will take every influencer through our robust screening process. We will not only pick those that are the right fit for your brand, we will also ensure that you get the best value possible from your partners. We also help you proactively find the right influencer partners, using our own database of 20K+ international bloggers.

We liaise with your team to organise all bloggers and influencer visits, taking the stress away from you. We write the creative brief, contract obligations and delivery outputs: images, videos, hashtags, reviews and more.

We look for far more than a one-off Instagram Story - we manage content across multiple platforms to guarantee maximum reach and impact. Detailed reviews of your hotel will turns into targeted traffic and improve SEO.