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Take your social media to the next level

Social media...We are so busy doing it that it's easy to lose sight of the overall goal. Why are we doing it? Is it really working? Could we do it better? Are we putting all our energy into the right things? If you are asking yourself these questions and more specific ones like:

  • How to reach more and engage more people on Facebook?
  • What's our editorial and content strategy?
  • Is it worth investing more time and resources on other platforms?
  • How to create and syndicate meaningful content on a daily basis?
  • How to cut through the clutter without spending millions on advertising?


Then this is the workshop for you. We’ll answer these questions as well as do a constructive analysis of your recent efforts  and collectively come up with an actionable plan to take your social media to the next level.

Jerome has extensive experience in running workshops with marketing and PR teams. As a the head of strategy for We Are Social, he has ran these sessions with some of the biggest brands like Cadbury, First Direct and Heinz.

This is a hands-on session, with participants really involved throughout the day.  This is about giving your team the tools, knowledge but also motivation to seize the opportunities that the medium represent.

“This was one of the most innovative and interesting social media workshop we have had. It was so refreshing that you were not only telling us how to do it, but cast more of a critical analysis over our sites, and re-trained our minds into thinking of an editorial and content-led mind.”
— Alanna Kite, Marketing manager, Visit Kent


1/ The social media landscape

We’ll look at which platforms at good for the travel and hospitality industry. The usual classic like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Which brands are over performing in and outside of the industry and why. The trends that shape travel and hospitality online, blogging, hahtags, etc. Participants are encouraged to give their opinion which often makes for a healthy debate.

2/ Analysis and discussion

We'll take a look at recent efforts, what has worked well and what hasn't. Try to collectively deconstruct the reasons behind it and start forming clear objectives of what we want each platform to achieve. Has the integration of social media been successful internally with other departments? What are the business objectives that are given to social media by the organisation?

3/ Editorial  and content strategy

Brands, and I include hotels here, small or large, find it hard to get social, because it requires them to think like a publisher. Having a clear social proposition, building a content calendar,  creating content that stands out are the bread and butter for most publishers. But they are uncharted territories for most hospitality brands. In this section we will build the foundations of a successful editorial strategy, giving you a clear plan and social guidelines. Branded principles that will help you achieve consistency, both visually and in tone, while engaging your audiences.

4/ Learn by doing

Group exercice. We split participants in different groups, with the assignment of creating the magazine of their brand and or property. They have to come up with a concept, and content examples for each platforms. Each group share their work with the other team followed by a group discussion. JCMT will send a summary and action points to the team within a week following the workshop.

Contact us for more information and how we could tailor the workshop to your exact needs.