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 Video is becoming a crucial weapon for the hospitality and travel industry 

1. Video dramatically increase conversion on your website

2. They give your Google position a massive boost

3. They help build and emotional connection with your audience in a way no other medium can

4. They improve your social presences

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Now videos come in different shapes, forms and lengths, depending on the objectives. A 2 minutes video on your home page will have the goal to promote your hotel experience and get the visitors to book immediately. Videos on social media will tend to be more on the 'snackable' front. Quick, short, fast-paced videos that give an instant satisfaction to the user. Video viewing tend to drop after 15 seconds.

So in 2015, the real question is can you afford not to invest in video? As the production costs have reduced, video is now an affordable way for even small independent hotels to reach and convert more visitors.

The promotional video



Here are two recents examples of promotional videos. The first one for the Capaldi hotel, a boutique hotel in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and the second one for the Giri residence in North Ibiza

There is just no better way to show motion and capturing a beautiful sunrise or sunset. It's not just beach resorts that can benefit from the use of timelapse videos as our recent trip to New York showcase.

We worked on a new promotional video for Yotel New York that would showcase the energy and vibrance of the hotel from morning to evening. 

Out of the promotional video, we created a series of short-timelapses for Facebook and Instagram that truly captured the beauty of the views in the hotel. An entire sunrise or sunset in 13 seconds. Technically one of the most difficult videos to create, these holy grails of timelapses starting in daytime finishing at night, require dexterity, patience and a little bit of magic to make them work. But they are the ones that generate the engagement and shares on social media.

When you are after something majestic, there are a few things that will beat an aerial video for your property.

Although drones are now popular, the techniques and know-how to turn footage into actual quality video is still a rare skill.

We've been incorporating aerial videos in our content for more than a year now all around the world and really know how to make it work.

Although we normally recommend integrating aerial footage into promotional videos (as well as 'normal' footage), aerial videos on their own can also work quite well, especially on social media.

Enjoy our short but epic video reel!

Snackable videos, as the title suggests, are very short videos, perfectly suitable for social media and their audiences short attention spans. They give the viewer a little fix of happiness before they move onto their next cat video.

Here are some examples we put together for the Capaldi hotel to be used for their Facebook page.