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Social media can be a goldmine for smart hoteliers

  • Have you invested time and effort into creating a Facebook page no one engages with?
  • Are you puzzled by Instagram and how to turn it into a selling machine?
  • Have you been put off by Google ad words' complexity and how expensive it is?
  • Do you wish you could generate constant, qualified traffic from social media but don't know how and / or don't have a huge budget?

Well you are not alone, most hoteliers we work with are in the same situation. And that's because they don't use these new platforms correctly. Learning how to make it happen isn't difficult or expensive. It just requires to put some simple techniques and a bit of know-how.


Get your free 30 minutes strategy session

Jerome is a respected social media strategist (Visit his Linkedin Profile) and has been consulting for the last 15 years for some of the world's biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Expedia or adidas.

He now specialises in helping boutique and luxury hotels to leverage social media and limit their dependence on OTAs. We help clients everywhere in the world, from NY to London, from Ibiza to Bali, from Sri Lanka to Morocco.

During this session, you'll learn some tips and strategies on what you can do today to start getting concrete results from social media and start crushing your competition.

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PS: This is a temporary offer, ending on the 30/04. Two weeks left to book!