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Photography is still the main asset for your marketing strategy. From your website to your social media presences, you don't just need quality anymore but quantity too.

Photographing for your website or brochure can be very different from photographing for social media. The first one needs to be descriptive, building envy but staying accurate. They are your hero shots, best at selling the place.

Social media offers more opportunity to be fun, to show your personality, your guests. To be colourful, show details. It becomes more about letting the personality and soul of the hotel shine. Social media photography also acts as a reassurance, as it is 'of the moment'. Savvier people know that the pictures on your website might have been taken 4 years ago. But sharing your guests own pictures means they were taking recently.

Before each shoot, we go through a thorough plan of what we need, splitting them in terms of classic shots, exteriors, interiors, heroes, but also in terms of what we have identified in our strategic workshop for our content calendar needs. This range from different meals to showing the pool at different times, recipes from the chefs, activities, staff, etc.

Here is some recent work: