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Nightjar: driving footfall with Facebook


The hospitality industry has been slow to fully embrace social media. But as it starts to dip its toes in the water, many are now beginning to realise the huge challenges of publishing content for social media. Especially the need for quality AND quantity. Even posting 3 times a week means that you are going to need 150 pictures a year. And let's not even talk about videos.

But the thing is that the competition on social media isn’t just the hotel nearby; it’s everyone else fighting for your audience's’ attention. Posting is easy. Earning a place on their Facebook feeds can be a battle. Success on social means understanding how to create content that will resonate with your target audience and cut through the ambient noise. Day in, day out.

Consumers are now demanding richer and richer experiences online and as Facebook has declared war to Youtube, videos will become more and more important. And stand-alone images will need to have something really special to cut through.

Thanks to our backgrounds in advertising and fashion, we have the right tools in our armoury to help brands plan and execute visual marketing strategies that will capture and engage your audiences. But most importantly convert them into real customers.

case study: nightjar

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We worked with the team at Nightjar, one of the world’s best bars, to create original and compelling content for their Facebook page. This included high quality video content, that generated ten times more Facebook reach on average than pictures. Along with providing a bank of rich assets, we also produced a series of workshops to empower their team to take control of the pages, growing and nurturing them.

What used to be simple cocktail shots have become intricate and complex set-ups, revealing the complexities and details that go making each of them. Avid fans now eagerly await and comment on every new cocktail as soon as it is released on their Facebook page.

In the 7 months we have worked with Nightjar, its Facebook page has experienced huge growth of more 13,000 new fans, with an engagement rate twice the industry average.

Short videos





The Capaldi:

Complete website and social media makeover 


The Capaldi is a luxury collection of two boutique hotels, a beautiful Marrakesh riad restored in the Moroccan tradition and a lavish retreat in foothills of the Atlas Mountains. A celebration to the good things in life, with a really modern twist. 

We were briefed by the Capaldi hotels in Marrakech to do a complete revamp of their marketing strategies, new website, content and videos and social platforms.

Since the launch, conversion has trebled and the social communities are growing steadily. The Capaldi ranking in Google is also increasing rapidly.

From this

To this

Promotional videos

We crafted a video for the hotel that would position the Capaldi as the ultimate hedonist destination in Morocco. A love letter to all good things in life; food, wine, design and architecture. 

The shoot, spanning the best part of a week, covered every possible detail to make sure we positioned The Capaldi as the ultimate hedonist destination in Marrakech.

Timelapses, 360, drone footage, we went all in to create a video that could finally reveal what a stunning hotel the Capaldi is.

For the riad's video, we wanted to really let its personality shine. Although set in a traditional riad, the riad capaldi didnt want to fall in traditional moroccon cliches. It was about combining the old and new, but with a foot firmly step in the modern world.


Redesign of the hotel and riad page for international audiences as well as creation of a new page dedicated to the restaurant, featuring recipes and menu updates, only targeting a local community

Each page of the website invites visitors to convert to Facebook fans without having to leave the site.

Youtube Channel

Twitter page

Google +

Complete revamp of the Google + page, business page and local page