What type of hotel offers to advertise on social media

Many of our hotel clients are asking what kind of ads to do on social media. If you spend budget on social media, it’s important to prepare your ad plan and use key activities and events. Here is a round up of the most commonly promoted by hotels that work on their platforms.

Afternoon tea 

Luxury hotels will have afternoon tea to offer to their hotel guests, so why not replicate this as a social ad? It takes a slideshow of your best tea & cake pictures or a video to showcase it. For the message, a good idea is to convey a sense of gifting so it can be booked for a birthday, anniversary or as a family trip activity. If the afternoon tea is important for your hotel then creating a landing page where to redirect users as a sales page could also create an interesting funnel to drive bookings.

F&B offers

Featuring your restaurant and bar specials is a great way to drive footfall but also to be more visible on social. Pictures and videos of food & drinks are rated top viewed posts so why don’t you think about an offer at the bar for happy hour or morning coffee & pastry, or a glass of champagne along with your meal.

Hotel image slideshow

This is an effective one to use as a social ad: the image slideshow of your property. What to include? The guest will want to see 4-5 images on average, including your best room, view and restaurant, you can also include your facade or street if it’s visually interesting and recognisable. The first image should be the most striking and colorful. You can add the call to action ‘Learn more’ or if you have a promo code to insert then use ‘Book now’ and redirect to a rooms page for example.  

Seasonal offers 

Your marketing calendar should include seasonal offers depending on which country you are, follow the dates for Valentine’s day, Easter, Mother’s day and so on. People are browsing for inspiration ahead of these times to look for what to do and plan an activity or trip. The most common offers are: Book in advance to save; incentive to stay longer (e.g. four nights for the price of three); discount on a second room for family bookings. 

Special events 

Do you offer a meeting room that can be rented? Do you have a dinner room for wedding? Do you organise events? Do you invite people to do talks or workshops? Think about advertising this space on social and targeting who may be interested, it can be event producers or companies but also people who have already stayed at the hotel, previous partners etc.  Think about an incentive that will be interesting as a special social ad offer.

jerome courtial