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Facebook leads the way

Facebook leads the way


There has never been in the history of marketing, a tool as powerful as Facebook. The ability to target - and retarget - qualified audiences has never been easier, and cheaper. At a time when Google adwords is becoming more competitive and expensive every day, it is becoming increasingly important for hotels, bars and travel specialists to really understand how to unlock it's potential.

Yet many are still puzzled by Facebook adverts. And now Facebook has released three powerful publishing features, Instant Articles and Canvas - a new immersive ad format - and Live videos.

Here are some great articles to get you started on all the recent changes and how to make the most of Facebook and Instagram.

Three new formats to watch out:

1/Facebook Canvas: a new interactive format that provides much room for interaction and rich story-telling.

And an example for l'Occitane:

Canvas has been designed specifically for mobile and can be used as a post for your community or as an advert. As always Facebook adverts should always be used not only as brandbuildingexercice, but to drive traffic to a (mobile optimized) page / promotion / offer.

2/Instant articles:  a new way to publish content to your audience. If your blog / website isn't mobile optimised, this can be a great way to reach a Facebook audience without them having to leave Facebook to enjoy your content.

As this feature is in its infancy, it's hard to judge how it will perform. But because it allows building a rich experience with videos and photos embedded within the Facebook experience, it's fair to say it's likely to be successful. Smart travel specialists and hoteliers should definitely start repacking their best content into this new format.

3. Live videos. Seen as directly competing with the likes of Periscope and Snapchat, Live videos have now open to everyone and chances are you've already seen them popping up in your feed. And that's because Facebook is now giving priority to live videos over other forms of content. 

It will become an important tool to help promote events, and showcase the real ambiance of a place. 

If live broadcasting is available at a click of a button, knowing what to live broadcast - and how - will require creativity and preparation. Just because you can doesn't always mean you should and you need to carefully craft and rehearse before going live.

And now it even made 360 pictures a reality, as all you need is a smartphone with the ability to shoot panoramas.

Facebook is making advertising accessible and affordable for small and independent hotel owners. But don't expect magic overnight, it still takes some practice to get good results.

Instagram: the curated feed. You surely have heard that Instagram is moving to a curated feed (as opposed to the current chronological format). Hysteria ensued for many Instagrammers. But this could be a great opportunity for smart hoteliers and brands in general. Jon Loomer explains it all in depth."What an Instagram algorithm actually means for brands".

Have a great summer.