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The most exciting bar launch of 2015?

Our founding client, and team behind Nightjar, voted 3rd best bar in the world are opening a new bar in November in Smithfields, London. 

In this article for Imbibe, Edmund Weil, owner speaks about how we've been able to help them take their marketing and social media to the next level.

‘We did all the marketing and PR for ourselves for a long time,’ says Weil. ‘And then I met a guy who was just setting up a media agency called JCMT, and they now do everything from creative production – photography, filming – to advising us on how to manage our social media presence.’

And social media is now a key part of the company’s strategy. ‘JCMT has helped us do things like set up a social media calendar, so that we post at the right time and don’t over-post, maintain the consistency on each platform, and play to the strengths of different channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.’

‘They’ve helped us with spending money in the right ways,’ he continues. ‘For example, just spending £50 a month with Facebook has seen our likes jump from 50 up to 200 per week. And as a result everything, including engagement, shares and reach, has increased. They also help us adapt to how the social media environment is changing. Last year it was about photo content and now Facebook is competing with platforms like YouTube; it’s much more about video content.’

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We are incredibly proud to have been tasked with the photography, interiors and cocktails, social media and video for the launch of what will be arguably one of the most exciting bar launch of 2015. Stay tuned for some work coming in soon.