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Work we love: Firmdale's new brand videos

It's not every day that we come across content we equally love here at JCMT. But Firmdale's new series featuring interior designer Kit Kemp is a definite home run.

The stylish videos go beyond just taking you through her design philosophy for each hotel. They really bring to life each hotel, from it's history to how it was thought of, while educating the viewer on how each object present is the result of delicate decisions.

This aspirational content will work well with the design lovers and certainly help position the brand to the top-end of the luxury segment in London. Despite being essentially a long promotion for the chain, at no moment do you feel like you are being sold to. Au contraire, after finishing the first episode, I just had to finish watching the series.

What can we learn from this? 

1/ Decide carefully whether or not have presenter. 

First just because this series succeeds doesn't mean you need to have a presenter. Not everyone is as photogenic, confident and charismatic as Kit. If you can't find anyone internally comfortable to do so, find other options, like hiring external help. She conveys empathy and authority with grace and humour. Not everyone can pull this one off.

2/ Don't take people through the obvious

 again what works in these videos is that the fact that they are genuinely educative and interesting, even if you are not an internal designer. Taking people through the tour of your property while making the obvious statement is not the way to go. Research the history of your place, interview the interior designer on his philosophy, talk to guests to know unusual stories. People want to have an emotional connection, not a fact check.

3/ Invest in good production values.

No matter how good is Kit in front of camera, the director and editor have done an excellent job at creating a subtle, charming video, that features the hotel in a discreet and elegant way. Everything, from the choice of the music, the fonts used, the gentle movements of the camera. The light is extremely important as it shows the colour palette and the vibrancy of the decor, which is one of Kit's design trademark.

So big kudos to Firmdale for daring to do something different and investing in great quality content. And kudos to the agency who realised it, big round of high fives for everyone.