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Your audiences want to see fresh content; they want to be immersed in your resort before putting their money where their heart is.  

But most importantly, they want to see what your hotel is like now, not how it looked five years ago. This is why consumers jump from your website, to your social channels, to online review platforms, before becoming confident in their decision to choose your hotel.

The ready accessibility of information online means you need a lot of content in order to keep consumers interested, and show off your hotel to its very best.

Wherever the action is

We have invested in the best portable equipment possible. Making it easy for us to work from anywhere in the world. From aerial videos to underwater, we are equipped to satisfy all needs.


We get under the skin of your hotel before we start our shoot. We complete an initial online audit, gathering online reviews to understand what guests have praised and criticized. We make sure we understand what makes your hotel different so we know what to emphasise in our creative assets.

When we arrive on site, we immerse ourselves in the life of the hotel, day or night. We look at the resort through the eyes of the guests as well as the team working to make their stay special. This helps us plan our shoot down to the smallest detail in order to capture the hotel at its best.

Strategic collaboration

For many of our clients, the journey doesn’t stop at the provision of images and videos. We also work with hotel teams to provide strategic recommendations on how to use the assets we’ve created. We run workshops to empower teams to manage their own communications. We then provide ongoing support to help them along the way.


We keep our core team nimble and work with a network of experienced and talented people. Collaborative tools allow us to offer the same services as a traditional agency without the need for an office base. This means we can do the majority of our work on site, tapping into our talent network as and when we need to. We only work with the best people, whether it’s travel copywriters, video editors, community managers and more.


We combine our experience in social media and advertising with the latest production techniques. We don't just take pictures on-site, we work with you to create worlds, tell stories and produce imagery unique to your hotel. We keep our finger of the pulse of new techniques to better sell your resort to an online audience.

Content delivery

We deliver hundreds of high quality pictures and short videos for social media. And there are no hidden costs - it's all included upfront, in our range of packages. We use the latest technologies and techniques to blow your audience away, every time. We shoot using Canon 5D3, 6D, DJI phantom 2 for drone and Gopro 4 for action footage. All your content is uploaded on a secure website, which will always stay available for download, whenever you need it.